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How to Pick the Right Stocks?

Confused about which stocks to pick? Here is something to get you started on what exactly you should do to pick the right stocks to invest in. Read on…

Warren Buffett investing

Warren Buffett and Realising the True Value of Oneself

Take a look at how the legend, Warren Buffett, himself thinks and what you can learn from his investing journey and experience.

The Art of Raising Funds through Equity

Why do companies plan to “Go Public”? And should you consider investing in an IPO at all. That’s what we are looking at in today’s blog. Read on to find out….

falling stock prices

Falling Stock Prices – Cause for Concern?

Falling stock prices are not necessarily a thing to worry about especially when it comes to investing. Read on to find out why…

stock market indices

All You Need to Know About Stock Market Indices

We see it everyday and some of us choose to ignore it, the most important market benchmarks. So take a minute and look at what really is a stock market index…

Ruchi Soya and Patanjali- Blog by Fintock

The Turbulent Case of Ruchi Soya

Ruchi Soya has been in talks for quite some time mainly due to turbulent changes in its prices. Read this blog to find out the reasons for the same.

The Workings of the stock market - Blog by Fintock

The Workings of the Stock Market

There are various players in the stock market that facilitate investing in the stock market. This blog gives an introduction to those players and explains how the stock market works.