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How to Pick the Right Stocks?

Confused about which stocks to pick? Here is something to get you started on what exactly you should do to pick the right stocks to invest in. Read on…

Warren Buffett investing

Warren Buffett and Realising the True Value of Oneself

Take a look at how the legend, Warren Buffett, himself thinks and what you can learn from his investing journey and experience.

The Art of Raising Funds through Equity

Why do companies plan to “Go Public”? And should you consider investing in an IPO at all. That’s what we are looking at in today’s blog. Read on to find out….

Why Am I Unable To Start Investing And How Can I?

This time we have a more personal account on why we all hesitate to take the first step to start investing. Read on to find out what could be holding back you as well…



You might have been told by people to diversify you investments. It is a very important aspect of intelligent investing and if done properly, can offer great return while simultaneously reducing risk.

Gold investment

Gold:Prospering through Ages

With gold prices going through the roof, it begs the question is it really the time to jump into the shiny investment? To find out read on..

Tesla investment

The Evolution of Tesla

This time we take a look at how Tesla Inc. beat the biggest car manufacturers in just 10 years and how you should look for an ideal investment .

investment in bonds

Understanding Bonds

Bonds might not be as popular as their other counterparts but are surely a key component of an efficient investment portfolio and should not be overlooked. Read on…

Understanding Mutual Funds - Blog by Fintock

Understanding Mutual Funds

Another powerful tool to have in your investment portfolio, mutual funds are the perfect balance between investment automation and risk aversion, but there is still a lot to learn about this asset class.

Fintock blogs know before you invest

5 Things to Know Before Investing

After gaining some knowledge about investing, you must be getting excited to actually start investing. You must be wondering what should your first step be, what amount should you get started with. Don’t worry we are here to make your work a bit easier.