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The Value Proposition

Today we cover (or atleast try to) one of the more important aspects of investing, arguably the most important, which is valuations. You may have heard of stocks being labelled as overvalued or undervalued, so let’s clear the air on that.

The Indian Pharma Turnaround Story

The Indian Pharma Sector has shown unprecedented growth in recent years and its not just the pandemic giving this push. Find out why by reading on…

Understanding How the Steel Industry Works

Have a look at how the whole industry of the most commonly used metal in the world functions.

What is Cost of Capital?

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) is an important term to understand the actual cost of capital of the company. If a company wants to raise money it can raise it through various sources all of which have a cost associated to them.
Read the blog to find more about cost of capital

FII vs DII and the difference in sentiment

The Nifty50 saw 7500 levels in the fall of March’20 and highs of almost reaching 14000 as we are writing this blog. In the rather new scenario, of fall and rise, new investors entered the markets and old investors fled(well not all of them but quite a few). Similarly, some companies struggled to adapt while others say record highs in their prices.

Reliance Retail acquired Future Group

The Reliance-Future Deal Decrypted

It is quite difficult to grasp that why did Reliance Retail acquired Future Retail which had such a huge pile of debt. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Read on to find out…..

Time Value of Money & The Relativistic Time Concept

The potential that your money holds now, is more than that of the future. Understanding this is critical to mastering the concepts of money.

The Process of Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation means having the control and ownership over anything which has a monetary value or has the ability to generate money. But wealth is not created overnight, its a long process, so here’s an explainer on the process which wealth creation entails…

How are Stock Prices Determined?

Ever thought why do the stock prices fluctuate? The answer is “Simple Economics – Demand & Supply”.
So let’s have a deeper look at how are stock prices determined.

How to Plan for your Retirement?

Retirement planning is not the first thing that comes to mind for today’s young millenials. But here’s why it is so important and how you should go about it…