Upto Speed: On Finance

Learning is more fun when you learn from what’s happening around you. The same goes for learning finance! If finance is intimidating for you, then you need this podcast!
Learn with us as we discuss the happenings on the globe every week, and give you insights on investments and personal finance as we go!
This podcast is aimed at giving you insights into what happened in the world of finance on a weekly basis. Tune into this podcast to stay updated and learn something new.
Disclaimer: The content of this podcast is purely for educational purposes and is not to be construed as financial advice of any sort.



If You Want to be Rich

A special podcast for all the early investors. After successfully introducing our deep well-written blogs and liked by so many people, we are coming up with a quick, easy and interesting way of discussions on personal finance and few important investing topics. This podcast is hosted by Sahib and co-hosted by Karan, Shivansh and Devansh and we will dive deep into the certain topics to give you a fully informed idea of not just about investing but all things personal finance.