Investor Mindset Masterclass

About the Masterclass:

“Our thoughts make up our actions, and our actions make us who we are. It’s all in the mindset.”

Do you find your financial goals challenging?

Ever thought of jumping into the world of investing but clueless where to begin?

Do you ever get confused with the sheer disconnect and information overload when attempting to start your learning process?

Do you get worried at the thought of losing all your money in stock markets?

While investing in equity, the key is to have the correct mindset and logic for making the best investment decisions. Applying the right logic requires a structured and methodical approach towards your decision making. Once you have gained this initial knowledge, investing boils down to asking yourself the right questions.

One wrong step is all it takes to drive away young investors from taking the risk ever again. But at Fintock, we believe that the essence of investing is one simple thing that can be captured by anyone. This is why we present to you this masterclass which will be your ultimate guide to investing in the stock markets.

The learning objectives of this masterclass will be:

  • Comprehensive understanding and forming a structured approach to investing.
  • Basic rules to follow and mistakes to avoid in the markets.
  • Learning all about Moats and identifying them.
  • Understanding Stewardship and its consequences.
  • Creating a safety net.
  • Learning all about business valuations.
  • Practical applications of all concepts stated above for real-life interpretations.

Features of the Masterclass:

  • Exclusive access to the Fintock community on private server.
  • Extensive live doubt clear sessions.
  • Instant doubt clearing via chats.
  • Free access to monthly webinars.

This masterclass requires absolute basic knowlege about finance and investing.

Launching Soon at ₹1,599 only.

Terms&Conditions apply.