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How to Start Saving Money for Investing?

Many people are barely able to make it through the month with the funds available or their monthly allowance so how can they start saving? Read our latest blog to find out…

stock market indices

All You Need to Know About Stock Market Indices

We see it everyday and some of us choose to ignore it, the most important market benchmarks. So take a minute and look at what really is a stock market index…



You might have been told by people to diversify you investments. It is a very important aspect of intelligent investing and if done properly, can offer great return while simultaneously reducing risk.

Types of Mutual Funds

A deeper look into Mutual Funds – Types of funds

If you have tried investing in mutual funds you must have stumbled upon many different types of funds that you don’t know about. With this blog, we explain to you about some of the most popular types of funds.

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The Power of Compounding.

We try to understand how important a role compounding plays in our journey of successful investing and how having patience is key to it all. How the man who invented chess was able to trick the king with compounding, all in today’s blog!

The Workings of the stock market - Blog by Fintock

The Workings of the Stock Market

There are various players in the stock market that facilitate investing in the stock market. This blog gives an introduction to those players and explains how the stock market works.

Gold investment

Gold:Prospering through Ages

With gold prices going through the roof, it begs the question is it really the time to jump into the shiny investment? To find out read on..

investment in bonds

Understanding Bonds

Bonds might not be as popular as their other counterparts but are surely a key component of an efficient investment portfolio and should not be overlooked. Read on…

Understanding Mutual Funds - Blog by Fintock

Understanding Mutual Funds

Another powerful tool to have in your investment portfolio, mutual funds are the perfect balance between investment automation and risk aversion, but there is still a lot to learn about this asset class.

Understanding Equity-Blog by Fintock

Understanding Equity

Several companies are run by smart, intelligent and professional people taking these companies to new heights, and in the process, creating wealth for its owners, i.e., whoever has ownership.
That’s the power of equity.