Author: Ekta Pansari

How to Pick the Right Stocks?

Confused about which stocks to pick? Here is something to get you started on what exactly you should do to pick the right stocks to invest in. Read on…

falling stock prices

Falling Stock Prices – Cause for Concern?

Falling stock prices are not necessarily a thing to worry about especially when it comes to investing. Read on to find out why…

asset liabililty

What is an asset and a liability for you?

We all think we know the difference but what really makes a truly great asset and distinguishes it from a liability??? Find out in today’s blog…..

stock market indices

All You Need to Know About Stock Market Indices

We see it everyday and some of us choose to ignore it, the most important market benchmarks. So take a minute and look at what really is a stock market index…

Emergency fund blog

Expect the Unexpected – Have an emergency fund!

One thing the coronavirus pandemic has taught us is that you can never know for sure what is going to happen in the future. This is where the concept of having proper financial planning in place is important. Having and developing an emergency fund, for example, is one of the best ways to go about securing yourself when life throws you a curveball.

Types of Mutual Funds

A deeper look into Mutual Funds – Types of funds

If you have tried investing in mutual funds you must have stumbled upon many different types of funds that you don’t know about. With this blog, we explain to you about some of the most popular types of funds.

Ruchi Soya and Patanjali- Blog by Fintock

The Turbulent Case of Ruchi Soya

Ruchi Soya has been in talks for quite some time mainly due to turbulent changes in its prices. Read this blog to find out the reasons for the same.